PSD Nomograph

Did you know your car has actually 3 different engines?
And how do they interact each other while the car is running?
The new PSD Nomograph panel will show you exacly what the 3 engines are doing in real time.

While RPM value is plotted on the vertical scale, color of each element will provide additional information:
Electric motors will turn green when positive power is applied, while they will be cyan on negative (o regenerative) power.
Petrol engine will change to yellow if spinning without generating any power.


2018/02/25: HSD-Day

HSD4-based cars, like Prius 4, Prime and C-HR are now fully supported by Hybrid Assistant.

The following readings are available now, beside the basic ones that already were:

  • HV Temperature
  • Fan Speed
  • ICE Power
  • Charge and Discharge limits
  • MG Temperature
  • Inverter Temperature
  • HSI

Not yet available:

  • Fan Assistant
  • HV Check


The AutoScreenshot feature will take a picture of the summary screen at app exit.
This way, you can have a summary of all your trips using the screenshot gallery of Hybrid Reporter.


Be careful

A spoof of our App has appeared on the Play Store.

This is NOT the genuine Hybrid Assistant.
Make no mistakes: you can find us on the Play Store as "Hybrid Assistant" from HybridXplorers developer.


RPM/Trim/Timing Chart

Following an interesting post on PriusChat, https://priuschat.com/threads/e85-3-gal-e10-7-gal.121314/#post-1730070
a new chart has been added to Hybrid Reporter: you can see efficiency at various RPMs, based on Ignition Timing and Fuel Trims.
Ignition Timing points can also be painted with the BSFC value achieved.
This can be useful when using different fuel types (LGP or E85).


Fan Probe

Fan Assistant keeps your HV battery within optimal temperature range. To achieve this, it's necessary to have a good reading of the cabin air temperature.
The inhaling temperature sensor of the HV battery needs air flowing through it to have a correct reading, so, every 5 minutes, Hybrid Assistant will turn on the fan at minimum speed to update its value.
You can disable this behavior using the Fan probe switch


New charts in Hybrid Reporter

The RPM Scatter chart shows RPM values while driving at a given speed.
Note that, given our eCVT transmission, there's no fixed relationship between engine speed and vehicle speed.

The Power Map chart has been revised to give more information: beside giving the power value for each RPM of the petrol engine with a dot proportional to data accuracy, it also plots collected values range and standard deviation.
This provides a more accurate view of the collected data.

The Average Power chart plots power required to keep a given speed.
This is total power, coming from the petrol engine and HV battery.
Values are collected only when a constant speed is maintained long enough to have a consistent reading, so a trip with many different speeds may not gather enough data to plot.
Since required energy is heavily influenced by road slope, you should drive on a plain road to have a correct reading.

The Instant BSFC/Fuel Consumption Chart combines fuel efficiency with burning efficiency, giving an unprecedented insight view of engine workings.
Instant fuel consumption value is drawn using the BSFC color scale.
You can now see how efficiently you are burning the fuel needed to achieve a specific mileage.
The best desirable condition is a short cyan bar.